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  • Penny H.

    Penny H.

    First of all, you can believe all of the 5-star reviews, they are accurate!! Ronnie came out to service my 12-year-old treadmill. He was honest about what was needed and clearly explained my options. I was very pleased with his service, and would not hesitate to call him again. He also kept me informed with a text message as to when he would be arriving at my house and was on time for our appointment. I found him to be very knowledgeable and not judgmental about the lack of service my treadmill had received over the years. Overall, a complete professional!
  • Susan K.

    Susan K.

    ARNON responded promptly to my request. He made an appointment that was convenient to me. He arrived promptly.
    He described what he was doing as he did it.
    My Concept 2 rower was not malfunctioning but needed a good cleaning and general assessment.
    ARNON is knowledgeable and professional and provided the service at a reasonable fee.
    I highly recommend him and his company
  • Rom M.

    Rom M.

    Had a terrific experience with Dragonfly Fitness. Hired them because of the already great 5 star reviews and now I know why. Arnon is extremely responsive, very honest and very fair with pricing. He just wants to help his customers! I have an old elliptical and he has taken all the right steps to get it fixed and get it fixed quickly.

    Thank you!!!
  • Patrick M.

    Patrick M.

    I purchased a Nordictrack treadmill about 20 months ago and some of the buttons stopped working.  I called and spoke with Arnon who was very generous with his time and walked me through finding the part needed so he could give me an estimate right on the phone.  It turned out to be too expensive given the replacement cost of the machine.  I will certainly call him again if I need gym equipment fixed.
  • Jude M.

    Jude M.

    Roni was very nice; a good communicator and fixed what needed attention on my NordicTrack treadmill. He comes warmly recommended!
  • Lucinda C.

    Lucinda C.

    Came out very quickly to fix my high end complex Recumbent Stationary Bike.  
    I needed help using it not just a repair job.  
    Ronnie taught me how to more easily use it.   (I don't like reading those books of words).   He  was great, a gentleman and very kind.  
    Thank you.
  • Gayle G.

    Gayle G.

    I own a Pilates studio which is licensed from another one.  The owner of the other studio patented the machines and when they need servicing, charges a ridiculous amount of money which goes to him.  So I looked up companies that service gyms and studios and thankfully found Dragonfly and Ronnie.
    He is FANTASTIC!!!
    He took his time looking over the machines, found what was wrong and fixed it.  He also offered to come back if I had any problems.  The cost was at least 50% less than the other owner quoted me, and Ronnie pointed out the potential problems.
    I do not easily trust, but I have COMPLETE trust in Dragonfly and Ronnie.

    He's our guy!!
  • Debbie S.

    Debbie S.

    I purchased a new NordicTrack elliptical and looked on Yelp for someone to set it up for me. I called Ron, from Dragonfly Fitness, and he came and set it up. It's huge and took an hour just to unpack but Ron was patient and did an excellent job. I used it today and it's perfect. He was also very friendly to my dogs.
  • Greg L.

    Greg L.

    TLDR: Don't treat your treadmill like we treated Ronnie!! HERE'S THE REVIEW: We have a 15+ year old treadmill that still gets a lot of use but, unfortunately, not a lot of maintenance. By which I mean zero. And guess what, it finally broke. Well, Ronnie came by the house only 24 hours after we first made contact and fixed it. Which was unlikely because the manufacturer has long gone out of business (also, see "zero" above), but Ronnie had the part we needed. He also gave a frank and helpful appraisal of how close to death the machine is (very), and recommended some new ones. Which I will buy in confidence when the time comes, knowing we now have someone great to look after it. Thanks Ronnie!
  • Andrea A.

    Andrea A.

    The business owner, Arnon agreed to pick up, deliver and assemble my new Horizon T101 treadmill.
    Everything went smoothly - the treadmill is working great - and now I have someone knowledgeable, dependable and professional to turn to if I ever have questions about maintenance or need repairs. I highly recommend Dragonfly Fitness!
  • Irene M.

    Irene M.

    Ronnie is the best, he is so knowledgeable of fitness equipment and has really gone above and beyond putting up two machines for me. I have a small door frame and he's had to take treadmills apart and reassemble. He is quick, thorough and I will continue to call him for maintenance.
  • Lee F.

    Lee F.

    Showed up on time to fix my treadmill and didn't look for ways to up charge me.  They could have easily taken me for more money because I thought I needed a new motor, but the tech explained I only needed lubrication.
     I call them now for all my treadmill tuneups.

  • Fannie B.

    Fannie B.

    Ronnie - thank you for your excellent service. You have been awesome at assembling our very complicated gym equipment and taking care of our elliptical machine. You are honest and always charged a fair price for your work. Many thanks for your assistance throughout COVID you are a gentleman and we always appreciated your strict compliance with masks and social distancing. You have a loyal customer.
  • Cory H.

    Cory H.

    I own a Pilates studio which also has a Precor treadmill and a full resistance area. After reaching out to two other Fitness repair companies, which neither returned my calls, I called Ronnie.  Not only did he answer the phone himself, he made an appointment with me to come to my private studio to service my treadmill. He is honest, fair, professional, and very safe due to Covid restrictions.  We now use Ronnie for all our fitness service needs.  I can't recommend Dragonfly fitness enough.
  • Jen B.

    Jen B.

    I normally get two bids  but needed my treadmill serviced promptly. Roni at dragonfly was terrific .  He wore a mask but just as important he knows treadmills!! He took it it apart and showed me the issues.  He was very helpful as to our next approach, since I never registered my treadmill for warranty.  He walked me through what to do and I think the company  are sending me a new motor since it has a lifetime warranty.  He will come back and I will pay labor only.   But he was realistic if that doesn't happen it might cost to much to repair .  He does not sell treadmills so he is not trying to sell you anything just fix your machine if it is cost efficient.   Highly recommend this company .
  • Lena M.

    Lena M.

    Ronnie was great! Due to covid, my spin bike was in need of maintenance from the extra use it's been getting.  My bike now feels like the first day I got it and I couldn't be happier with the service. He was thorough and very knowledgeable about what needed to be done for the bike to be at its best.
  • Steven S.

    Steven S.

    Ronnie is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to treadmills. He know how it work, how to fix it when it doesn't and he teaches you how to maintain it properly (for those of use who don't read the owner's manual). He replaced the dead motor in my 10-year old treadmill and cleaned and lubricated it for a very reasonable price. He's the best and reading through his reviews, I'm not the first person to discover that. He's the man to call when you need your fitness equipment tended to.
  • Vijay M.

    Vijay M.

    Ronnie was excellent.  Very professional and very courteous.  He did a marvelous job in doing a maintenance on my elliptical machine.  Thank you Ronnie!
  • Lisa G.

    Lisa G.

    I called Ronnie for a service call on a used treadmill I had purchased from a neighbor who was moving. Ronnie was great!! Not only did he give the machine the once-over he also told me the best way to maintain and use my machine. While the treadmill is far from new (at least 10-12 years old) Ronnie could tell it had hardly been used. I appreciate how fast he responded to my call for service (I called on Saturday and he scheduled for Monday morning) and I appreciate his honesty.
  • Diana K.

    Diana K.

    Called for service and they came out the next day. Excellent customer service, and the man was very informative, polite, and trustworthy. SO glad that we called him! Went over every detail, the prices, and even helped by providing information on treadmill websites. I wished more businesses were this helpful. This will be my forever treadmill repairman! Thank you. A+ !
  • Rebecca F.

    Rebecca F.

    Highly recommend Dragonfly Fitness. Arnon was friendly, knowledgeable, great in terms of communication and fixed my treadmill. He also helped me save a lot of money on parts through my warranty, which he went out of his way to do, even though his work would be the same regardless. Very happy overall!
  • Lee F.

    Lee F.

    Highly recommend.  I have a Matrix treadmill that's been shutting off after a 40 minute ride, so I called these guys out.  
    They're very transparent in their billing.   Explained everything about my machine and what needed done., no surprises.  The repairman wore a mask the whole time.
    I will rely on these guys for any future work.
  • Anthony W.

    Anthony W.

    Arnon was extremely knowledgeable and took the time to educate me on servicing and maintaining my Proform treadmill. In addition checked all aspects of said treadmill. Still running great and will continue to use Arnon in the future!
  • Romina M.

    Romina M.

    Believe all the other great reviews you see for Dragonfly Fitness, 100% true and so glad I used this company!  Ronnie was able to come to my house fairly quickly and, although on the initial phone call he thought I had a battery issue and ordered a new one, once he took my machine apart it turned out to be something else.  He didn't charge me for the battery (as many others could have used the opportunity to tell me the battery should be replaced anyway) and got to the bottom of what I needed and ordered the part to be delivered next day.  Well, if superior customer service is what you are looking for, then Ronnie is your guy!  Due to Covid and the overloaded/backed-up UPS drivers, my part did not make it to him as expected the next day and instead of waiting for the delivery and chalking it up to Covid delays, the following morning at 8 AM he was outside the UPS office trying get my part before the driver headed out with it for the day not wanting to risk it not being delivered yet again.  He was told that the driver had already left and again, he took it upon himself to track the driver down and get the package himself!  Seriously, in this day and age, that kind of service and perseverance to satisfy a customer is practically unheard of so I can not recommend Ronnie and Dragonfly Fitness enough!
  • Stacey D.

    Stacey D.

    Ronnie was terrific. Came on time, assessed the issue and quickly got my Bowflex M3 back up and running. It feels like it did when I first bought it, and I use it A LOT!

    Will definitely use Dragonfly again.
  • Irene M.

    Irene M.

    Ronnie was fantastic. I just purchased a new treadmill and was desperate to get it put together as the delivery men who initially delivered my treadmill left it outside (and I had no way of bringing it in). Ronnie was thorough in assembly, threw away all my boxes and showed me how to maintain my treadmill. I will continue to use him for yearly maintenance!
  • Clarissa T.

    Clarissa T.

    Great experience with Ronnie at Dragonfly Fitness. My treadmill was purchased from Costco to avail of their sale. I had no idea how to assemble this so I checked on Yelp. I found Ronnie and decided to give him a try due to the good reviews. He answered immediatly when I called for a quote, and scheduled an appointment with me the following day. He was quick and efficient when assembling. Just to get an idea, I have a Nordictrack Z1300i. He was able to assemble this for $175 in just approx. 2 hrs.
  • Calvin L.

    Calvin L.

    This review is several months overdue as I had a service call from DragonFly fitness back in January of this year. I had a late model Lifefitness Eliptical that I kept in really good condition. I use it every week and was finding that it started squeaking. I needed a tune-up on this unit and after reading the positive reviews on Yelp, I decided on calling DragonFly fitness. Arnon, the owner was very responsive and even texted to confirm when he was arriving.

    I wish I found Arnon years ago before I went through an experience with one company who sent a "technician" out who after finishing a repair installed one of my handlebars flipped in reverse for an elliptical machine. And there are just some people that don't really appear to care for aftersales support when you have an issue.

    What I like about Arnon is that he is really honest and personable. He really cares about his clients and really  knows his machines. After reading about his background (on his website) where he worked with commercial equipment and has a background as a mechanical engineer it gave me the confidence knowing if anything needed to be repaired he would know if it was possible. His rates are reasonable and I would not hesitate to hire hime again. Thank you Arnon!
  • Anat R.

    Anat R.

    Highly recommend Arnon and Dragonfly Fitness. Immediate response to my call (after hours) and prompt appointment the following day. Assembled the treadmill expertly and efficiently. Thoroughly explained the machine and maintenance. I will be using him for any repairs and annual maintenance.
  • Darius P.

    Darius P.

    I had a home gym emergency. My elliptical machine that I have used for 10 years broke down suddenly and unexpectedly on Monday morning. I was able to reach Roni in the morning. Believe it or not he had a newer version of the same model that I had. He delivered it to me that afternoon for a very reasonable price. I wholeheartedly recommend him and his business to anyone. I am very grateful to him for helping me out.
  • Stew L.

    Stew L.

    I needed a Sole treadmill F80 assembled and I found Dragonfly Fitness on a Google Search and when I called and spoke to Ronnie, I knew in 30 seconds that I wanted to hire him. He came on time and is first of all he is a very personable individual and did a masterful job in assembling the treadmill. He takes pride in his work and charged me a very fair price and also was able to take the very large box and wooden stand that the treadmill came on.  I don't usually write Yelp reviews but I wanted to do this because Ronnie did such a fabulous job. I highly recommend that you contact Dragonfly Fitness when you need gym equipment assembled or repaired.

    Stew Lieberman
  • Barbara D.

    Barbara D.

    Honest, on time, and great work!  Thank you to for Ron for coming and fixing our 13-year old Precor.  It needed new parts, which were ordered and then installed by Dragonfly Fitness.

    I highly recommend this company / person!
  • Peter B.

    Peter B.

    I have a ten year old Precor machine. It started getting squeaky and acting weird. Dragonfly came out and figure out what was wrong. They fixed it and it feels like an entirely different machine -- smoother, easier to use. Great job.
  • Irving G.

    Irving G.

    We have used Ron several times for our fitness-equipment needs.  He's the best:  Great communication; on time appointments; expert assistance---all with a smile.  We can't recommend him highly enough.  Don't hesitate to use his services.
  • Jon L.

    Jon L.

    We had a treadmill that suddenly went kaput. The belt started slipping then folded over on itself. Ronnie came over within a few hours to diagnose the problem and, after assessing the cost of our treadmill, was honest enough to determine that it wouldn't be worth the cost of repair. He helped us with the extended service warranty, and he even hauled off the treadmill, which I considered a wonderful added bonus. Ronnie strikes me as an honest, ethical, highly skilled, and knowledgeable guy, and if we were to invest in another treadmill, I would contact Ronnie to perform regular maintenance, which I've learned is necessary!
  • Joe G.

    Joe G.

    We have a Sole F80 treadmill that needed many adjustments and repairs. I'm grateful that we met Ronnie, very knowledgeable and true to his work. Ronnie replaced the main running belt, the motor belt, and made all the necessary adjustments to get it back in running condition. I highly recommended Ronnie for any repair or service. Thanks Ronnie!
  • Teresa H.

    Teresa H.

    I was searching for someone to assist me with moving my threadmill from my bedroom to another room. I found Ronnie who not only helped me with that but went the extra mile to assist me with fixing my threadmill.. he saved me a lot of money by explaining to me that I had a warranty on my threadmill still. Ronnie was awesome went the extra mile and never hesitated to help... I totally recommend him for any equipment problems
  • Jason L.

    Jason L.

    Ronnie is a professional that really knows his stuff.  He helped deal with a complex issue for which the manufacturer's customer support group provided very little help and made several trips without additional fees to help resolve the issue.  Thank you Ronnie!
  • JanEva O.

    JanEva O.

    Thank you Ronnie ! Reliable you're on time , respectful , easy to talked too & knowledgeable & explained everything to us well  ! You did a great job !
  • Marla B.

    Marla B.

    What can I say? Ronnie is professional and knows what he's doing. From setting my appointment to the assembly of a Treadmill  - it all went very smoothly and no surprises.  Just a very upfront and stand up guy.

    Thanks Ronnie  - see you in 11 months for my annual tune up!
  • Kathy M.

    Kathy M.

    I am very pleased with Ronnie!  He was great at communicating his arrival time despite having some unavoidable trouble with rain delays! I really appreciated that. He was very personable, knowledgeable and willing to do whatever possible to diagnose and repair the problem with our treadmill.  He gave us a few repair options and I never felt pushed to make an expensive financial decision.  He truly has the best interest of his clients in mind and I respect that.
  • Sonia F.

    Sonia F.

    Ronnie is awesome. A standup guy and genuinely cares about the client and both the esthetic and function of the machines. He literally lifted the whole machine himself and came back to my home and put a mat underneath for me which he suggested so I don't damage my floor. He made sure everything was safe and functioning and aligned with the wall and that the mat was straight and not all crunches up etc. he's a good guy and I would recommend him to anyone in the area. Thanks Ronnie!
  • Alma H.

    Alma H.

    Arnon is a very efficient, knowledgeable, and detail oriented professional. I am very thankful for his work and the useful information that he provided me. I am so happy I found him! He will definitely be my go to person for all my future treadmill needs.
  • A W.

    A W.

    Ronnie was terrific. I would recommend him in a minute.

    Went and picked up my treadmill from the store where I purchased it.
    He brought it over the next day and assembled it in about 2 hours.

    It's now just the time it took, it's how he works.  He is neat and careful of all furniture and floors.  He is clean and precise in what he does making sure that all equipment is carefully moved from room to room or whatever is necessary.

    Call him.  He is honest and fair priced and can usually accommodate you the next day.
  • Alexis R.

    Alexis R.

    Ronny came the same day and was so nice!  He explained everything to me and definitely did not try to sell me more than what I needed.  He knows his stuff and I will be using him for all of my fitness machine needs! Thank you!!!!
  • Sage F.

    Sage F.

    Arnon came just one day after we spoke, on a busy day to fix our cable pulley. Thank you Arnon.
  • marcy c.

    marcy c.

    We recently needed several services to our treadmill. Ronny helped guide us through the warranty process with the manufacturer. Once the parts came in, he scheduled our service. He was on time, did a great job, and was communicative throughout the process.
  • Frezoli G.

    Frezoli G.

    Arnon is wonderful. He responded to my inquiry with his earliest availability (same day). I wasn't available then, so he was quick to accommodate my busy schedule, coming in at 6:30 am to fix our treadmill! He not only serviced the treadmill, he gave tips on how to lengthen the life of it.

    He was incredibly trustworthy. An honest, down-to-earth, hard-working family man. I am so glad I found him on Yelp!
  • Matt R.

    Matt R.

    Ronny saved us a lot of time and probably some money just by being honest and helpful.  Our old treadmill stopped working and Ronny did a quick assessment over the phone and via text, rather than come out for a paid estimate.  He researched our warranty options online and called back with our choices and how much each choice will cost.

    We ended up not repairing the old machine and are buying a new one.  The least I can do is write a positive review for an actual honest repairman.  Who knew they exist?
  • J M.

    J M.

    5 stars are hardly enough...

    About a year ago, my elliptical got very wobbly and I called another repair vendor I found on Yelp. That guy turned out to be a total fraud... charged me for coming out and also took off with a deposit for a $600 part that he said he needed to order. Problem is I never heard from him again, and his fake company mysteriously disappeared from Yelp.

    Then I found Ronnie, who not only insisted that I not pay him until the job was done, but he also took the time to call the manufacturer and had them check my Serial number... turned out my parts were still covered under the warranty! Ronnie had the machine running like new when he was done, plus he was a genuinely nice person. I highly recommend Dragonfly Fitness.
  • Lucy Y.

    Lucy Y.

    I am an HOA President, & the safety of our building amenities is always on top of my priority list.  So when the belt on the treadmill in our gym was slipping a bit, our management company found Ronnie for us.

    From start to finish, Ronnie was super detailed & GREAT.  Great service, communication, level of knowledge, safety consciousness, response time, & pricing.

    He texted me a heads up as he was heading our way, well within the 2-hr window he had quoted.  When I thought I was running a few mins late, he even assured me that he'd wait, and to please drive safely.  So nice!

    He took apart our machine, diagnosed the issue, & even tightened some screws that looked like they weren't properly tightened upon original installation (by someone else).  He also assessed the age & value of the machine, to weigh out whether the cost of this repair would be a good move, before telling me what it needed.  I super appreciated that.

    He even gave the recumbent bike in our gym a once-over, to make sure it was running properly too.  And made sure that I took the emergency magnetic key, so that nobody would try to plug the machine in to use it before it was repaired.

    A couple days later, Ronnie emailed us a very fairly priced quote to approve, and he was back with the part to fix it a few days later.

    Now our treadmill is safely running, AND is even steadier because Ronnie tightened the screws that weren't installed properly.

    It's easy to see that Ronnie knows his gym machines!  He's definitely on my list of great maintenance service providers.  Highly recommend!
  • Shaun A.

    Shaun A.

    Great service, and highly recommend!

    If you need treadmill service look no further!

    Thanks, Arnon!
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