Like autos, you must maintain your fitness equipment or sooner or later, they will break down, causing costly repairs–whether it be treadmills, ellipticals, steppers, rowers, exercise and spin bikes, etc. You push yourself, pounding the treadmill, spinning the exercycle, pulling the elliptical handles, but never taking the time to, or thinking of, servicing the machine. It’s a mechanical fact, take care of it, or lose it.

And, when they do break down, what do you do. You often have costly repairs that could have been avoided. That’s where Dragonfly Fitness comes in. We offer you an easy and worry-free gym equipment maintenance program. Our goal is to eliminate downtime at your facility—both residential and commercial. A preventative maintenance program will lower your repair costs on older equipment and increase the lifespan of newer equipment.

Dragonfly takes pride in maintaining your equipment in tip-top shape. No dust and dirt clogging up the parts… no ripped belts, broken gears. Instead, your equipment will remain in good working order. Our service and support goes far beyond manufacturer recommendations, giving you a much greater return on your investment.

When fitness equipment is well maintained, it responds by limiting repairs and service calls and functions at the optimal capacity. Our maintenance contracts offer thorough cleaning of all units (inside and outside), inspect and adjust belts and cables, check for diagnostic errors, recalibrate units, lubricate units and insure the unit is functioning according to manufacturers specifications, thus avoiding substantial down time in your facility.

With Dragonfly Fitness, we have different packages for maintaining your fitness equipment. Give us a call. Let’s talk over your unique situation. Dragonfly will come up with the package just right for you.

Don’t wait until it’s too late! Call Dragonfly Fitness now and arrange for a free consultation.